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Latest adds/updates
2003-09-01Battle For RashitoulA strategy/arcade games using OCaml and C (SDL).
By POC Team
2003-08-25DominoCamlAn OCaml GPL software aimed to explore aspects of the dominoes game.
By Charles-Albert Lehalle
2002-03-04GocamlA graphical frontend for GMP Go engines, written in ocaml.
By Andrew Birkett
2003-08-26IBGSA game server for board games such as chess, go, checkers, and nine nens morris.
By Christoph Bauer
2004-06-11MLGameMLGame is a library designed to help developers create 2d games by providing a high level interface for graphics, network, etc.
By Cezary Kaliszyk, Dominik sidorek, Lukasz Lew
2004-08-04mltetrisAn implementation of Tetris using threads, Events and the Graphics module.
By Berke Durak
2002-11-04morpionA little program named which tries to solve the 'morpion solitaire' game.
By Nicolas François
2002-09-11O'Caml X Game libraryA small framebuffer graphics library for O'Caml and X.
By Sami Makela
2004-05-17ocalibsOcalibs is a collection of libraries for the ocaml programming language, designed to make windows game development easier. It will support DirectX for graphics and ODE for physics.
By Jere Sanisalo
2001-08-10OcamlDoomA Doom-style 3D graphics engine for action games.
By François Pessaux
2001-08-10PentaminosSolves the Pentaminos puzzle.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre