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Parallel programming

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2004-10-26AmbleA library to help writing distributed programs. The library manages all the details relevant to process launching, channel creation, and network communication so as to let the programmer stick to the core of the problem. This allows to write programs that can be distributed on several machines in a concise way, with all the parallel aspects kept implicit (no synchronisation).
By Olivier Peres
2001-08-09BSMLlib libraryA functional programming library for the Objective Caml language for direct-mode BSP (Bulk Synchronous Parallel) algorithms.
By Frédéric Loulergue
2004-03-01Extended thread synchronisationsTwo small modules that implement extended synchronisations for O'Caml threads.
By David Mentre
2005-02-17IomReactive I/O Monad library implements I/O monad functions designed to facilitate writing of concurrent, reactive, single-threaded network application services in a functional style.
By James Woodyatt
2001-08-10paralleleLibrary for distributed computing in OCaml.
By Michel Quercia