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Latest adds/updates
2001-08-09base64Encode/decode base 64 strings.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2001-08-09Big brotherAn automated WWW link checker.
By François Pottier
2005-02-17CamlGICamlGI is a library to enable you to write CGI and FastCGI in OCaml. It is written 100% in OCaml so should run on many platforms. The library supports multiple simultaneous connections and request multiplexing while presenting an easy to use interface.
By Christophe Troestler
2002-08-26camlletsA web server able to execute caml applets to generate dynamic pages.
By Jacobo Pérez Guardado, Victor M. Gulias
2003-06-30CamlservA lightweight server written in Ocaml for highly interactive webpages or even online browser based games.
By Jurjen Stellingwerff
2001-08-09cgiA small CGI library.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2003-04-28EnsembleA group communication toolkit.
By Tim Clark, Mark Hayden, Robbert van Renesse, Ohad Rodeh
2002-08-23Ensemble Juke BoxA distributed audio application designed to exchange high-quality audio data bewteen users on local area networks.
By Mark Hayden, Jason Hickey
2003-12-19FTPlibA C library providing communication facilities implementing the client side of FTP. It comes with OCaml bindings.
By Christophe Deleuze
2003-08-26IBGSA game server for board games such as chess, go, checkers, and nine nens morris.
By Christoph Bauer
2002-03-27IoxThis library is a framework for concurrent, single-threaded Internet application services.
By James Woodyatt
2002-11-25JabbrAn OCaml library for the XMPP (better known as Jabber) instant messaging system.
By Mike Lin
2002-12-20Liber(ator)A powerful command line Freenet client.
By Travis Bemann, Eric Norige
2004-12-03lpdA small threaded line printer daemon whose primary goal was to enable the use of a windows-only printer, it should be easily modifiable for other purposes. A small module of pervasive-like functions for sockets on all platforms (including win9x) is bundled together.
By Christophe Troestler
2003-06-02mail-smtpAn OCaml library implementing part of the SMTP protocol.
By Robert Silve
2004-08-04mlOscarmlOscar is an OCaml library that facilitates the encoding/decoding of the AOL OSCAR protocol. Networking functionality is available to enable access to the AIM network.
By Christopher A. Gorski
2004-07-13MLpcapLibpcap bindings for OCaml.
By Jonathan Heusser
2004-01-19MPassingSimple ConcurrentML-like message passing library with a network transparency, including some common features like threads pools, consumer queues, logging, notifications.
By Vitaly Lugovsky
2002-07-07netclientExperimental client for HTTP/1.1 and telnet.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2001-08-09netstringString processing functions for the Internet.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2004-03-15OCaml XML-RPCAn implementation of the XML-RPC protocol.
By Shawn Wagner
2005-02-18OCaml-HTTPA library inspired from perl's HTTP::Daemon that permits to write simple HTTP daemons in OCaml.
By Stefano Zacchiroli
2002-09-20OCaml-SOAPA library which can be used to build web services using SOAP.
By Gaurav Chanda
2005-02-17ocamldapLDAP bindings for ocaml.
By Miles Egan, Eric Stokes
2001-08-10OCamlMPIAn interface to the MPI message-passing library.
By Xavier Leroy
2005-02-17OCamlNAEA collection of Objective Caml libraries to support the development of concurrent, single-threaded Internet application servers.
By James Woodyatt
2004-09-27OCamlnetA collection of modules for the Objective Caml language which focus on application-level Internet protocols and conventions.
By Patrick Doane, Gerd Stolpmann
2001-08-10OCamlPVMAn interface to the PVM message-passing library.
2002-09-18OCamlSpreadA wrapper for a Spread group communication toolkit.
By Yurii A. Rashkovskii
2003-03-24OcurlAn OCam binding for the libcurl multi-protocol file transfer library.
By Lars Nilsson
2002-06-19PoesiaMonIcapAn Internet Content Adaptation Protocol filter monitor (see
By Basile Starynkevitch
2004-05-12rmwdRemote Middleware Daemon is a high level identity management library focused on services and access control, and exposed via both xdr-rpc, and xml-rpc. It is written entirely in Objective Caml, except for the trivial xmlrpc interface, which is in perl.
By Eric Stokes
2002-06-17rpcSun RPC (remote procedure call). Complete implementation of this protocol.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2001-08-10ScaMPIAnother interface to the MPI message-passing library.
By Jocelyn Serot
2001-09-20SwiftSurfSmart web proxy written in OCaml.
By Sébastien Ailleret
2002-11-28TrxGeneric RPC transaction manager.
By Avik Chaudhuri
2003-03-24WDialogA framework to create complex Web-based applications in a systematical way.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2003-12-19wsyncA clever uploading tool, for synchronizing files on a distant FTP server (eg the content of a web site) with a local set of files.
By Christophe Deleuze
2003-02-02XmlRPCServerA server-side implementation for OCaml XML-RPC.
By Hans Ole Rafaelsen