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2003-10-30AlphaPrologA logic programming language with built-in names, fresh name generation, name binding, and unification up to alpha-equivalence.
By James Cheney
2002-12-18amaltheaAn Io interpreter.
By Martin Sandin
2002-09-16C--A ``portable assembly language'' that can replace C as a target language used by compiler writers.
By Christian Lindig, Norman Ramsey, Simon Peyton Jones
2003-03-11CamlG4A library for Objective Caml allowing SIMD parallel processing on PowerPC G4 processor using the Altivec vector processing unit.
By JoŽl Falcou, Jocelyn Serot
2004-01-19CamllispLisp-like embeddable language for Objective Caml.
By Vitaly Lugovsky
2004-07-08CDuceA strongly typed higher-order functional programming language for XML documents with an efficient type-based runtime implementation.
By Alain Frisch
2002-09-26Combinator EngineA collection of the author's projects on combinator-based implementations of functional languages.
By Rafael R. Sevilla
2004-03-25ConfluenceA powerful logic design language that combines the dataflow and component-based methodologies of HDL with the expressiveness of modern functional programming.
By Tom Hawkins
2005-02-17FelixFelix is an Algol like strongly typed procedural programming language with a strong purely functional subsystem, including first class functions, pattern matching, variants, recursion, and (currently only) compile time parametric polymorphism.
By John Skaller
2004-10-26FocalA language for software-proof codesign. In Focal, code, specifications, and proofs are developped together in the same source files, using a novel object-oriented module system. The compiler analyses the dependencies in order to ensure the consistency of the source, then translates the code to Objective Caml, and the proofs to Coq.
By Damien Doligez
2003-07-03IBALA general-purpose language for probabilistic modeling, parameter estimation and decision making.
By Avi Pfeffer
2004-01-19J4Simple base to build a Joy-like embedded languages for Objective Caml programs. Suitable for a research purposes only.
By Vitaly Lugovsky
2004-09-27Lua-mlA new API that uses higher-order functions and types to simplify the use of an embedded interpreter.
By Christian Lindig
2003-05-20Mojave compilerA multi-language compiler supporting safe process migration and transactions for programs written in C, Caml, Java, and Pascal.
By Jason Hickey
2002-09-19nMLA higher-order and typed programming language.
By Oukseh Lee, Jungtaek Kim, Hyunjun Eo, Woongsik Choi
2004-07-08NMLa dynamically typed functional language whose syntax conforms closely to that of OCaml. In addition, it supports overloaded, vectorized, math operations, list comprehensions, and optional and keyword arguments in uncurried argument tuples, possibly with specified default values. It can access OLE compliant, and low-level COM interfaces, supports serial I/O and socket based communication, and provides an ADO connection to external databases. An Emacs mode is supported through a hacked Tuareg interface, as well as a Tcl/Tk interactive browser and interaction window with list pane access to a user modifiable documentation database.
By David McClain
2003-11-17oc-FPAn OCAML implementation of John Backus' FP system.
By Christophe Deleuze
2004-06-01OCamILOCamIL is an experimental OCAML compiler that targets Microsoft .NET.
By Raphael Montelatici, Emmanuel Chailloux
2004-07-13OCamlJitRunA just in time translator of Ocaml bytecode into machine code (on x86, and perhaps sparcv9 & PowerPC in 32 bits mode).
By Basile Starynkevitch
2002-09-13Oxford Oberon-2 CompilerA portable compiler that translates Oberon-2 into bytecode.
By Mike Spivey
2002-09-16PLANA resource-bounded functional programming language that uses a form of remote procedure call to realize active network packet programming.
By Scott Nettles, Jon Moore, Pankaj Kakkar, Michael Hicks, Carl A. Gunter
2004-10-26SchocaSchoca is an implementation of the Scheme language. The primary purpose of Schoca is the use as an embedded extension language in OCaml applications.
By Christoph Bauer