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2004-11-15AnsicolorO'Caml ANSIColor is an O'Caml library for creating colorful text and other in effects in ANSI-compatible terminals. The code is staggeringly simple and the interface and implementation are both very roughly based on Term::ANSIColor.
By Owen Gunden
2002-11-05APMThis package provides basic interface to Linux APM driver for Objective Caml programs.
By Vincent Simonet
2002-12-18BDBFSA portable, user-level NFS fileserver. It implements version 3 of the NFS protocol as defined in RFC 1813.
By Lex Stein
2005-02-17CamlusbCamlusb is an Ocaml binding to libusb. Libusb is a portable library to access USB devices in user space, available for various operating systems.
By Gina Belmonte
2001-08-28CamlZipAn Objective Caml library that provides easy access to compressed files in ZIP and GZIP format, as well as to Java JAR files.
By Xavier Leroy
2002-08-28CashAn OCaml implementation of the API of the Scheme Shell (Scsh), designed for writing standalone Unix programs and shell scripts.
By Bruno Verlyck
2004-09-07EnvAn Environment Interaction module for Objective Caml. It's useful if you need to create a local copy of the current environment for modification.
By Jesse Guardiani
2004-01-04equeueA generic event queue module, and a specific module for file descriptor events.
By Gerd Stolpmann
2004-02-03EthreadUseful stuff for multi-threaded programs: Read/write locks, barriers, ...
By Shawn Wagner
2004-07-02FileUtilsA collection of utils to manipulate files following some UNIX convention.
By Sylvain Le Gall
2001-08-09GzA wrapper for the zlib and bzip2 libraries.
By Olivier Andrieu
2005-02-17IomReactive I/O Monad library implements I/O monad functions designed to facilitate writing of concurrent, reactive, single-threaded network application services in a functional style.
By James Woodyatt
2002-03-27IoxThis library is a framework for concurrent, single-threaded Internet application services.
By James Woodyatt
2002-09-05Linux kernel camlAn attempt to use Caml for an OS kernel.
By Art Yerkes
2004-08-09Logger moduleA logger module for Objective Caml.
By Jesse Guardiani
2002-07-23MlfuseAn OCaml binding for the Fuse (File System in User Space) library.
By Nadji Gauthier
2005-02-17OCaml-eventOcaml bindings for the libevent API. The libevent API provides a mechanism to execute a callback function when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor or after a timeout has been reached. Furthermore, libevent also support callbacks due to signals or regular timeouts.
By Maas-Maarten Zeeman
2003-03-03OCaml-LircOCaml bindings for the LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control) library.
By Damien Pous
2004-10-26OCaml-Win32An OCaml library providing direct access to the Win32 API.
By Harry Chomsky
2004-11-15OCamlfuseMultithreaded binding to the fuse api. Alpha version.
By Vincenzo Ciancia
2004-09-27OCamlnetA collection of modules for the Objective Caml language which focus on application-level Internet protocols and conventions.
By Patrick Doane, Gerd Stolpmann
2004-02-03ServinfoA little tool for looking up entries from /etc/services.
By Shawn Wagner