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Data structures

Latest adds/updates
2001-08-10A generic abstract interpreter
By Patrick Cousot
2002-11-08ActiveBufferThis library is an extension of the standard Buffer module, to allow to read buffers partially.
By Sébastien Ailleret
2002-10-16AIFADImproves decision tree learning by supporting significantly more complex kinds of data.
By Markus Mottl
2001-08-10automatxA Caml Light library to manipulate and display trees, graphs and finite automata.
By Michel Quercia
2002-09-09BaireA data structures library.
By Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons
2003-02-21BddA binary-decision diagram module.
By Scott Cotton
2001-08-09BindlibA library for the Objective-Caml, Caml-Light and NJSML languages providing reasonable tools to write programs manipulating data structures with binder (like lambda-calculus or quantified formulae).
By Christophe Raffalli
2001-08-09bitvA bit vectors library.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2003-09-16calendarAn OCaml library managing dates and times.
By Julien Signoles
2002-08-21CILInfrastructure for C Program Analysis and Transformation.
By Westley Weimer, Scott McPeak, George Necula
2001-11-02CrealAn exact real arithmetic module for OCaml.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre, David Monniaux
2004-02-18Delaunay triangulationCode from D. Knuth's "Axioms and Hulls''. O(N log N) on the average. Applies to any CCC system.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2004-09-07DllistA mutable, circular, doubly linked list library.
By Jesse Guardiani, Brian Hurt
2005-02-18DumperDumper is a tiny OCaml library for dumping out data structures. This is very useful when debugging. It's roughly the OCaml equivalent of Perl's Data::Dumper.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2004-10-27ExtlibA project aiming at providing a complete - yet small - standard library for the OCaml programming langage.
By Yamagata Yoriyuki, Nicolas Cannasse, Brian Hurt
2003-04-11gdome2-xsltA C and OCaml library to apply XSLT stylesheets to gdome2 documents.
By Claudio Sacerdoti Coen
2001-08-10General_ArrayImplements unlimited sized arrays (up to 230 elements).
By David McClain
2003-04-11gmetadomA binding to gdome2, the GNU DOM Level 2 implementation.
By Claudio Sacerdoti Coen
2004-01-12GrabBagA collection datastructure. Unordered insertion, uniformly random removal.
By Brock Wilcox
2004-10-27Gregorian DateA pure OCaml library for performing calculations based on the Gregorian calendar.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2003-02-21heapHeaps, imperative and functional implementations.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2004-04-08LibmlMachine Learning Library, a library containing structures and algorithms, simply usable from most of common languages.
By Matthieu Lagacherie, Olivier Ricordeau
2004-09-07LinkedHashtblA wrapper for the Objective Caml Hashtbl module that uses a Linked List to preserve the order in which the hash elements are added. It's similar in purpose to the Tie::IxHash module for Perl.
By Jesse Guardiani
2002-04-09mtlibA library with global variable support, mutable lists, mutable binary trees, ...
By Nicolas Cannasse
2004-01-15MultisetA multiset implementation based on the Set module of the standard library.
By Sébastien Briais
2002-08-05ocaml-classesA small library of wrappers around standard library classes, to allow a somehow object-oriented use.
By Jacques Garrigue
2004-03-31OCaml-TDLA small OCaml library providing functions to parse and print TODO lists in XML files.
By Maxence Guesdon
2004-03-01ocamlgraphA graph library. Provides several graph data structures and several graph algorithms. Algorithms are written independently of the graph data structure (using functors).
By Sylvain conchon, Julien Signoles, Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2004-03-18OGPFOCaml Genetic Programming Framework.
By Brock Wilcox
2003-11-25OOoWriteOOowrite lets you write OpenOffice or StarOffice .sxw files from OCaml programs.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2001-08-09Patricia treesEfficient sets and maps over integers, from a paper by Chris Okasaki.
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2003-11-03PersilA persistent library for Ocaml.
By Basile Starynkevitch
2001-08-09POMAPLibrary for maintaining partially ordered maps.
By Markus Mottl
2001-11-02PsiLABScientific and numerical research environment
By Stefan Bosse
2001-08-09Purely Functional Data StructuresOkasaki's Purely Functional Datastructures in OCaml.
By Markus Mottl
2002-06-04RecursiveAn OCaml module that helps manipulating recursive/regular structures.
By Alain Frisch
2001-08-09RESLibrary for automatically resizing contiguous memory (arrays and strings).
By Markus Mottl
2001-08-10Splay treesBinary trees where often accessed items tend to be near the root.
By Jean-François Monin
2003-07-21StemmerAn implementation of the Porter stemming algorithm for OCaml.
By Erik Arneson
2002-04-05TimbukA library of Objective Caml functions designed to manipulate Tree Automata.
By Thomas Genet, Valérie Viet Triem Tong
2001-08-09TriesImplementation of tries (maps over lists)
By Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
2003-03-14WallaceA generic subtyping-constraint-handling library.
By François Pottier