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Latest adds/updates
2004-05-25AnnexlibInclude a variety of random number generators, control over locale, ...
By Shawn Wagner
2004-09-07EnvAn Environment Interaction module for Objective Caml. It's useful if you need to create a local copy of the current environment for modification.
By Jesse Guardiani
2004-07-02missinglibA collection of various utilities for OCaml.
By John Goerzen
2002-04-09mtlibA library with global variable support, mutable lists, mutable binary trees, ...
By Nicolas Cannasse
2005-02-17OCamlNAEA collection of Objective Caml libraries to support the development of concurrent, single-threaded Internet application servers.
By James Woodyatt
2004-08-05ShareA collection of various useful functions to manipulate strings, lists, arrays, files, ... Each element can be imported to your own code with caml-get.
By Maxence Guesdon