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2005-02-18Caml for ScintillaCaml for Scintilla is a free source and binary package which adds syntax coloring for the Objective Caml language to the multi-platform (Win32 and GTK+) Scintilla editing component and SciTE text editor.
By Robert Roessler
2002-03-19caml-info-lookAutomatic look up for documentation in OCaml Info files.
By Olivier Andrieu
2001-08-10CamlITEmacs mode for Ocaml running a toplevel in the background in order to obtain typing information.
By Pascal Brisset
2002-05-28OCaml mode for NEditSmart-indent macros and syntax hilighting for OCaml code with NEdit.
By Nathaniel Gray
2002-08-05Ocaml-modeAn emacs mode to edit and indent O'Caml code. Included in Objective Caml source distribution.
By Jacques Garrigue
2001-08-09ocaml.vimOCaml syntax file for the VIM-editor.
By Markus Mottl
2001-08-10otagsAn Emacs tag generator for Ocaml source files, working also with syntaxes extended with Camlp4.
By Jean-François Monin
2003-08-26taggageA new Vim-oriented tag file generator for OCaml.
By Issac Trotts
2003-08-27TagletOCaml tag file generator.
By Issac Trotts
2001-08-09TuaregA Caml mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs.
By Albert Cohen
2002-05-09tuareg imenuimenu extension for the tuareg mode.
By Rémi Vanicat
2003-10-06Vim support for .annot filesA ViM extension that is able to parse .annot files and print the type of an highlighted (visual mode) part of an ocaml source file.
By Stefano Zacchiroli
2003-10-20WOWcamldebugA front end that permits to use the OCaml debugger with (g)vim.
By Stefano Zacchiroli