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2003-06-02A Concise Introduction to Objective Caml
By David Matuszek
2002-09-03Another compilation course using Caml
By Michael Sperber
2002-11-25APPSEM'2000Appsem'2000 courses notes on 'Using, Understanding, and Unraveling The OCaml Language'.
By Didier Rémy
2002-08-28Caml and OCaml exercisesAbout 50 exercises in Caml and OCaml (in french).
By Jean-Sylvain Goutelle, Mathieu Goutelle
2002-09-03Compilation course using CamlA compilation course including a tutorial for Caml.
By Scott Smith
2003-01-09Constructive Computation TheoryAn executable course on lambda-calculus.
By Gérard Huet
2003-12-19Cours algorithmes et structures de données en OCaml
By Jocelyn Serot
2002-09-03Cours de Compilation (french)
By Christine Paulin-Mohring
2002-11-27Developing applications with Objective-CamlAn anglish translation of a complete book on OCaml : language, concepts, tools, libraries.
By Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury, Bruno Pagano
2002-11-27Développement d'applications avec Objective-CamlUn livre complet sur Objective-Caml : le langage, les concepts, les outils, les bibliothèques.
By Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury, Bruno Pagano
2002-11-26Encore un cours de compilationUn autre cours (Polytechnique) de compilation, en français, utilisant OCaml pour une maquette complète d'un compilateur de pseudo Pascal vers du code MIPS.
By Didier Rémy
2002-11-27Encore un cours de compilation (2)Un autre cours (Polytechnique) de compilation, en français, utilisant OCaml pour une maquette complète d'un compilateur de pseudo Pascal vers du code MIPS. Certaines parties sont différentes de celui de Didier Remy.
By Luc Maranget
2004-08-13Enhanced Ocaml DocumentationThe OCaml reference manual with a page containing all grammar production rules, with metasymbols as hyperlinks, pointing to their definition and all changes with respect to previous version are marked with icons or color.
By Hendrik Tews
2002-09-03Exercices en Caml (french)
By Christian Queinnec
2002-11-26Initiation au langage OCamlUn cours de Polytechnique en français sur OCaml, avec exercices corrigés en ligne.
By Didier Rémy
2004-08-04Introduction to Computational LinguisticsA course on Computational Linguistics, using Caml.
By John Hale
2001-08-09Introduction to Functional Programming (1996/7)Lecture notes.
By John Harrison
2003-01-20Introduzione alla programmazione funzionaleAn introduction both to basic concepts and techniques of functional programming, and to its theoretical foundation.
By Marta Cialdea Mayer, Carla Limongelli
2004-09-27LablGTK2 Tree View TutorialA tutorial on how to use GTK+ 2.0 GtkTreeView widget in Ocaml language.
By SooHyoung Oh
2004-09-27LablGTK2 Tutorial
By SooHyoung Oh
2003-06-05Learning OCaml, for C, C++, Perl and Java programmersA practical, detailed tutorial for people who already know an imperative or OO-language and wish to learn OCaml.
By Richard W.M. Jones
2003-02-24MozCamlA Mozilla sidebar for direct access to Caml ressources.
By Vincent Simonet, Maxence Guesdon
2001-08-10Notes de cours in FrenchClasses prépas, second cycle.
2001-08-10OCaml and Caml-Light examples
By Pierre Weis
2001-08-09OCaml bookIntroduction into OCaml, with exercises.
By Jason Hickey
2003-04-28OCamlearnA web site with collaborative publication of OCaml-related articles, Q&As, examples, ...
By Ernesto Torresin
2004-11-15OCamllex tutorialThis is a tutorial on how to use ocamllex.
By SooHyoung Oh
2004-11-15OCamlyacc tutorialThis is a tutorial on how to use ocamlyacc.
By SooHyoung Oh
2002-03-05oclispA minimal lisp interpreter, for educational purposes.
By Andrew Birkett
2002-06-17omlibA small library to demonstrate monadic programming in OCaml.
By Panu Kalliokoski
2002-10-10Polycopié de Programmation FonctionnelleCours de programmation fonctionnelle, illustré par OCaml (in french).
By Lancelot Pecquet
2001-10-08Practical hints for using OCamlHints which might help you get started with OCaml-development (mostly in UNIX environment).
By Markus Mottl
2003-10-03Programmation système en OCamlUn cours d'introduction à la programmation du système Unix, mettant l'accent sur la communication entre les processus.
By Didier Rémy
2002-09-24Programming LanguagesA book including a library of Caml code to aid the students in the implementation of interpreters for toy languages.
By Scott Smith
2001-08-10Programming style recommandationsA set of reasonable guidelines for formatting Caml programs -- guidelines which reflect the consensus among veteran Caml programmers.
By Pierre Weis
2001-08-10Recommandations sur le style de programmationUn ensemble de conseils raisonnables de présentation des programmes Caml, ainsi que des conseils de programmation qui ont recueilli l'assentiment de programmeurs Caml chevronnés.
By Pierre Weis
2002-09-03Tutorials on CamlThis page offers links to on-line tutorial on Caml/OCaml.
2002-09-03Tutoriels sur Caml (french)This page offers links to on-line tutorials on Caml/OCaml.