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2004-08-04Calculating with SignaturesAn extension to the signature language of ocaml. The patch is for ocaml-3.08.0 and provides some operations on signatures. It is still at an experimental state but mostly working.
By Jurgen Pfitzenmaier
2001-09-26Coca-mlA small extension to ocaml 3-02 called coca-ml and using camlp4 to allow 'down cast' of objects between classes in relations of inheritance and sub-typing.
By Emmanuel Chailloux
2002-09-18DML / de CamlA conservative extension of the functional programming language ML.
By Hongwei Xi
2004-02-25ECamlA simple object system for OCaml, based on polymorphic variants and a Camlp4 syntax extension.
By Issac Trotts
2003-07-03Flow CamlA prototype implementation of an information flow analyzer for the Caml language.
By Vincent Simonet
2003-07-03Fresh Objective CamlAn extension of OCaml with facilities for correctly manipulating object-language syntax involving alpha-convertible names and binding operations.
By Mark Shinwell
2001-08-10JoCamlAn experimental extension of the Objective-Caml language with the distributed join-calculus programming model.
By Fabrice Le Fessant, Luc Maranget, Sylvain conchon
2002-11-12lightweight recordsAn extension with camlp4 that allows one to use lightweight records in OCaml.
By Nicolas Oury
2002-08-28MetaOCamlA compiled, type-safe, multi-stage programming language.
By Cristiano Calcagno, Walid Taha, Xavier Leroy
2004-03-08NativizeCompile and run native functions from the toplevel.
By Issac Trotts
2004-07-13OCamlJitRunA just in time translator of Ocaml bytecode into machine code (on x86, and perhaps sparcv9 & PowerPC in 32 bits mode).
By Basile Starynkevitch
2004-11-02OchraOchra is a syntax extension for OCaml, extending the language with explicit support for programming using an Object-Oriented Reference Attributed Grammar (RAG) formalism.
By Martin Sandin
2002-01-18patch_recordA patch to OCaml 3.04 which addresses the problem of labels shared between several record types.
By Alain Frisch
2001-12-12SCamlA patch against the OCaml compiler which adds module unloading, a workaround for 'mangled' function names, an uninliner for .cmx, ...
By Vassili Karpov (Malc)
2004-10-26SchocaSchoca is an implementation of the Scheme language. The primary purpose of Schoca is the use as an embedded extension language in OCaml applications.
By Christoph Bauer